Elegant wedding rings collection by Tacori

Located at 48 W 48th Street, Manhattan, NYC, the Northeastern Fine Jewelry is one of the leading and most trusted jewelry in the country with an impeccable history of customer satisfaction and providing unparalleled quality jewelry to every customer. It is one of the dream locations for anyone to commemorate their love for their dear ones, with jewelry of finest quality ranging from precious stones, Swiss watches, engagement rings, wedding bands etc. It houses products of some of the world’s best jewelry designers. Topping the list is the renowned American jewelry company Tacori New York, one of the most sought after designers.

Signature engagement ring design

With a plethora of jewelry designs, they provide one of the finest collections of engagement rings, wedding bands, men’s and women’s jewelry. They are especially known for their Engagement ring designs, with their signature crescent silhouette and the half-moon arc interlocking. Each design is done entirely in the California Design studios where they give no room for any types of defects in the design. The care and world class finish of each of the ring made by artisans therefore requires fair compensation and as such these rings aren’t cheap.

Rings & wedding bands popular models

The Petite crescent engagement ring with 18K White Gold metal is one of the most sought after rings, both in the Northeastern Fine Jewelry and in all of Tacori New York jewelry stores. It uses a quality round cut diamond with VS clarity grade. Other popular models are:-

  • Dantela
  • Full Bloom
  • Reverse Crescent
  • Starlit

Coming to wedding bands, there are several popular designs like the Blooming Beauties, Adoration etc. each with its own collection of variant designs.

Especially for men, this is one of the few finest places where elegantly designed wedding bands are made. Usually, there is only a small range of selection for men, but that is not the case here. However, it is a fact that the collection for men is not as variant as for women.

All varieties of jewelry

Apart from jewelry for wedding occasions, there is an exquisite collection of jewelry for other occasions, with the more popular ones being bracelets, necklaces, earrings for women and cufflinks, money clips etc. for men. The diamonds and metals used in the rings and bands are also exquisite and all the data about them like the clarity, sourcing and color is made available to the buyer. The diamonds used are approved by the World Diamond council in line with the fact that they pass the Kimberly process to certify that they are conflict-free.